Layer Cheap Sheer With Thicker Curtains

  •   Looking for a simple, stylish way to easily upgrade your home?

      Say hello to your new best friend: Cheap Sheer Curtain Fabric.

      Whether you’re feeling crafty, adventurous or simply want to refresh your home, sheer curtains are a great way to enhance your space without overpowering the intended look and feel of a room.

      You’ll appreciate the benefits and versatility of sheer curtains. They’re lightweight, practical and easy to hang, clean and decorate with.

      In this post, we’ll share 7 fun ways to hang sheer curtains. Plus, we’ll show you how to hang sheer curtains with ease.

      How to Hang Sheer Curtains

      Before you start, familiarize yourself with sheer curtain fabrics.

      Cotton, chiffon, silk and voile are some of the most common types of sheer curtains.

      You’ll want to select a fabric that aligns with the ambiance of your room. Materials like cotton are suited for simple, casual rooms whereas fabrics like silk would work better with more exquisite furniture or décor.

      Next, make sure you have the right curtain hardware on hand.

      Sheer panels are lightweight, so you have the luxury of choosing between thinner curtain rods or thicker, heavier curtain rods.

      Again, make sure to select rods that cater well to the style of the room and your curtain needs. A large, chunky wooden curtain rod would look out of place in a shabby-chic, airy living room.

      Learn more about how to choose the right curtain rod for your room.

      1. Layer Sheers With Thicker Curtains

      A favorite way to use sheer curtains is to layer them with thicker blackout curtains or drapes.

      Layering your curtains helps with insulation (who doesn’t love a lower utility bill?), offers additional privacy and makes your windows more appealing to the eye.

      2. Hang Multiple Panels to Add Depth and Color

      Sheer curtains are thin and flexible, so you have the opportunity to combine multiple panels and design a beautiful setup that you love. Take a look at these examples for inspiration:

      By hanging different types of sheer panels side by side, you can create a dreamy, elegant atmosphere that also delivers complete privacy.

      3. Create a Window Scarf

      Looks can be deceiving! This technique may seem sophisticated, but it’s effortless to put together.

      Create a window scarf by draping sheer fabric over a curtain rod, so it drapes down in front. If you want to switch up the look, hang the curtain fabric at various angles or use two different shades to add more color to your windows.

      Keep in mind that this technique limits privacy since it doesn’t provide full coverage for your windows.

      4. Frame Your Windows and Display a Centerpiece

      Do you have a plant, centerpiece or sentimental item that you want to show off? Consider framing the sides of your window with sheer curtains and utilizing your windowsill as a functional shelf.

      You can use standard curtains or drapes, but sheer curtains are more effective at drawing attention to the items that you want to flaunt.

      You’ll also want to find the perfect tiebacks to pull back the panels and complete the look of your windows. Learn more about how to choose the right curtain accessories.

      5. Beautify Your Bedroom

      Curtains aren’t just for windows.

      If you have higher ceilings or a four-poster bed, you can easily use sheer curtains to liven up your bedroom. Turn your bedroom into a luxurious oasis by hanging a sheer curtain like a canopy or displaying it as a backdrop behind your bed.

      6. Enhance a Doorway or Entryway

      Try using sheer curtains to spruce up patio doors, closet doors or door-less entryways that don’t offer enough privacy or insulation.

      Curtain tiebacks or holdbacks are recommended so you can draw back the panels whenever you need to open the doors or bring in more light.

      7. Combine With String Lights to Illuminate Your Windows

      Whip out this quick decorating hack during the holidays or whenever you have company over!

      You’ll need a double curtain rod bracket to achieve this look. Simply drape string lights on the curtain rod that’s closest to the window. Then, hang your sheer curtains on the other rod, and voilà – you’re finished.

      Forget about the fumbling, frustration and wall damage that comes with installing traditional curtain hardware.Just align the brackets to your window trim, tap in with a hammer or mallet and hang your curtains.

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