The Best Antibacterial Fabric


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      An important fabric that can protect you and your family is the antibacterial bamboo fiber fabric. You may be surprised at how many bacteria accumulate in fabrics used in clothing, bedding, furniture covers, curtains, etc.

      Yes, you do want to wash them, but how can you be sure that they are free of bacteria? Bacteria tend to accumulate in the corners and gaps between fabric tissues. Can washing really remove accumulated bacteria? Well, not necessarily.

      Antibacterial bamboo is real

      Antibacterial bamboo fiber fabric is best for you because it has the ability to resist bacteria and can prevent it from staying in the fabric tissue. This feature can only be found in bamboo and is called Zhukun. Bamboo K is naturally produced by bamboo plants to protect itself from harmful microorganisms and fungi. This is why bamboo can grow tall without pesticides.

      Bamboo glue viscose or rayon may not be as effective as chemicals are added during fiber processing. However, it still retains certain attributes of Zhukun. Moreover, when the bamboo is machined, its natural characteristics remain unchanged.

      Therefore, you basically wrap yourself with a natural antibacterial agent, which can resist harmful microorganisms when using mechanically processed bamboo to remove chemicals.

      Antibacterial bamboo prevents discomfort


      Antibacterial bamboo fiber actually protects you from disease-causing bacteria. Okay, so maybe you do eat right, exercise, and even take vitamins-still? The antibacterial bamboo fiber fabric is an extra protection for the immune system, which has been weakened by increased stress, poor diet and no time for meaningful physical activity.


      For those who have time to exercise no matter how busy the calendar is, you can avoid strenuous training because it will cause you to sweat. We all know that when you sweat, not only will you start to feel hot and sticky, but you will also smell. As we all know, bamboo fiber has moisture wicking and temperature regulation effects, which can keep you cool when you do daily exercise-reducing sweat means reducing odor in the body. However, antibacterial bamboo fibers can also eliminate odors by resisting bacteria themselves. Although bacteria are ubiquitous, because it feeds on protein, it is likely to accumulate sweat on our skin. The process of bacteria breaking down these proteins leads to the release of pungent odors. Without bacteria, sweat will not smell.

      in conclusion

      Therefore, antibacterial bamboo fiber is the best wear for exercising people, people who live in hot climates, and people who sweat more easily than others. Other fabrics that can even be considered absorbent will only promote the growth of bacteria. Especially if they do not absorb moisture and wick away sweat, they will retain sweat, which provides a good environment for bacteria to grow. According to a 2014 study, polyester and cotton can promote the growth of bacteria, while chemically treated nylon and viscose fibers can prevent the growth of bacteria. According to a 2011 study, excellent antibacterial properties can also be found in bamboo fiber viscose fiber and regenerated bamboo fiber.

      By using antibacterial bamboo anytime and anywhere, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from unnecessary harmful bacteria. In today's crazy world, we need all the help we can get! Our website is: