Poly Oxford Fabric Manufacturers Introduces The Accessories Str

  • When all the previous decisions have been made, the only step away from success is the selection of accessories. Poly Oxford Fabric Manufacturers introduces some basic accessories: curtain rails, Roman rods, loop holes, cloth tapes, straps, laces, etc.

    (1) The curtain track is a necessary accessory. It can fix the position of the curtain, facilitate opening and closing, and at the same time ensure the drape of the curtain and keep it beautiful.

    (2) The Roman pole, as the name suggests, is a straight long pole with Roman-style gourd-shaped capitals at both ends. Its basic function is similar to that of a track, and it can hang curtains and control their opening and closing.

    (3) Ring holes, cloth tapes, straps, and laces, these seemingly inconspicuous gadgets are often places that are easily "pitted" by merchants. Because these small accessories are purchased by default, the price ranges from a few yuan to more than ten yuan, so when buying curtains, you must confirm with the merchant whether these accessories are gifts or purchases.

    Through the above introduction, Sofa Fabric Material Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.