Skills that can be quickly level 99 in Old School RuneScape

  • Generally, we need to constantly brush up on tasks and spend a lot of time on certain simple skills to reach level 99.

    Cooking is one of the skills that can quickly reach level 99. It costs up to 30 million gold coins and you can reach level 99 in the fastest 40 hours. In the beginning, you can choose to make the simple fish upgrade. When you reach level 38, you can spend 20 hours making a can of wine to reach level 99. If you want to reduce the amount of gold you need to pay, high-end fish such as lobster and tuna are good choices.

    Forging is another skill that can quickly reach 99, provided that you have enough gold coins. Glassblowing is the choice with the most return on investment. Although the time will take close to 100 hours, the cost of gold only needs more than 20 million gold coins. You can use Dragonhide Bodies and Battlestaves to perform missions and spend two or three days of game time to get gold coins.

    Fletching is a skill that can reach level 99 in as fast as 3 hours. Maybe you have seen that YouTube video. Of course, that is a speed that can be achieved with hundreds of millions of gold, and making darts is an effective method. But from copper arrows to dragon darts, it costs too much and making silver darts will be the best choice. The cost of Old School Runescape Gold will be reduced by half, and it will only take about 7 hours.

    Firemaking is the simplest skill. But be careful to avoid that Fletcher can get more experience points, and the accumulated time is not a small amount. Burning logs is the fastest option, you will only need to spend more than 30 hours, and 20 million gold to reach level 99, of course, you need to pay attention to Wintertodt. It will take longer to make Wintertodt mini-games but the cost is lower. It is also the choice of some players, depending on the player's style.

    The above four skills can quickly reach level 99, but it also takes a certain amount of time and gold. If you need to buy OSRS Gold, remember to visit the website: Like this introduction, all things are for you to get a better gaming experience easier and faster, and I hope you can be one step ahead of other players.