Animal Crossing: Do you remember Wild World Village?

  • This year, Nintendo's latest work in the Animal Crossing series has created a safe space for many Switch owners, enabling them to start a new life on the desolate Tom Nook Island. Today, video games are developing rapidly. As old players, we will still miss the wild world village of the past.

    Animals crossing the wild world DSi

    In the past few weeks, we have been busy playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We have been staying at home on Tom Nook's holiday island, meeting new villagers, and smiling face to face when we see familiar faces. We are fortunate to be reunited with a few villagers we met before, and communication with old friends has always been an important part of this experience.

    Between 2007 and 2008, the works of Nintendo DS and the author's first life simulation series addicted to Nintendo: Animal Crossing: Memories of the Wilderness. 18 months of intense gaming time, although the details are a bit vague, it leaves a lasting emotion.

    Old friend

    We originally used an upgraded version of the white DS Lite, and heard this calm and charming theme again before the bedroom appeared:

    Due to the burden of the village, we are prepared for the worst. Remember, in the Ocarina Room, Link walked out of the Temple of Time and found the ruins of the market town of Hyruer among the ruins, and Reid chanted in the square. When the village was finally full of people, we walked out the front door and found a pleasant ruin. In the early morning, shortly after whistling at 7 AM, we ushered in a cloudless blue sky and a soft sound at 6 AM, which made everything look so lonely.

    As expected, weeds spread across Dible from the cliff to the coast. Nature has taken over this town and it reminds us of the last trip to a local park two months after the COVID-19 closure. Except for a few dry violets, most of the flowers have disappeared. When passing through them, they will crumble into dust, but our elastic golden roses remain. The rotting acorns covered the ground, and the fallen leaves that still aroused the fall would remain, but the trees were full of fruits, and the brilliant blue sky reminded us of returning full-time. Ten years later, a small project away from the desert island of our Switch stirred the shape of Dible.

    Our mailbox jingled, and we received two letters: one from Happy House College with 74,249 points, good! , And another from the post office, informing us that the 99,999 animals we earned in our absence cross the bell. This is reminiscent of the happy time spent with friends, as well as the exquisite ACNH bells, ACNH items, Nook Miles tickets, and other icons.

    Life goes on

    New animals crossing the wild world town map, animals crossing the wild world radish, with a vague theme of Egyptian temples, Angus usually becomes grumpy and has special marks when leaving, etc. All this tells us that we must return to reality.

    Finally, return to our wild world town to strengthen the subtle simulated truth of Animal Crossing's infiltration. It is still there waiting for us, and although the faces may change or return mysteriously, the seasons are still changing and new things are always happening.

    Of course, Animal Crossing: The wild world is not perfect. In a direct match with New Horizons, there is no doubt which game is better. "Wild World" is indeed very old, but full of personality.

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