How Can Display Technology Enhance Collaboration?

  • One of the major benefits of collaborative displays is that they can be used for collaboration between different sets of users. For example, a group of colleagues in a meeting room, a teacher and students in a classroom, or a distributed group of students or professionals. All can use advanced displays WPDs or Interactive Displays to interact, learn, work together in ways that are far more engaging than provided by traditional solutions. In fact, in 2019 Gartner conducted research that found that various types of presentation technology were one of the top 10 strategic technologies impacting higher education  


    In the case of interactive displays, users can add or edit documents directly on the display itself, allowing for quick and easy annotation and collaboration whether within a classroom, or meeting room setting.


    Digital displays allow for easier integration, and higher resolution, more vibrant presentations than interactive projector technology, and also require a less intensive setup, which removes a large burden on the IT department. With some forecasts predicting worldwide IT spending to reach up to 3.9 trillion dollars in 2021, this is not something to overlook.