Animal Crossing: The right preparation for fishing

  • In real life, people choose fishing as a leisure way. Fishing is an outdoor sport. The goal is to use fishing gear to catch fish from the water. During fishing, we keep quiet and get close to nature. The most important thing is that fishing does not restrict gender. With age, adults, and children like it.

    The animal crossing can also fish. In the early stage of the game, fishing is a small mini-game with imperfect functions. Fishing has limitations on the pond. Players must read fishing in a fixed place. The ACBellsBuy store is constantly updated with new items, where players can choose their favorite items, such as ACNH Bells. With the upgrade of the game version, you can now fish in many ways. Fishing has also become one of the important experiences for players on the island. Players must correctly realize that fishing does not work, fishing is a leisure way, it is a matter that players need to be patient and require players to spend a lot of time fishing.

    Before fishing, players need to perform a simple task, which is to combine 5 trees into a fishing rod. Branches come from trees. Players can pick up fallen branches by walking under the trees. After the player gets the fishing rod, he can fish near the nearby river or ocean.

    Find a place with shadows in the water and place the fishing line as close to the fish as possible to avoid scaring the fish away. Players should be careful to move too fast. Waiting for the bait to sink into the water, the fish will begin to approach the fishing line and then pull the fish out of the water. Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets is also a good experience to help fishing happier. For best accuracy, wait until the controller vibrates violently to pull the fish in. Larger fish are more difficult to catch and more challenging to catch.

    Fishing rods made by novice players are generally very fragile. After several attempts, The fishing rod itself will break, and the player needs to make a new one to continue fishing. After many attempts, You will find the right fishing rod. Fishing games enrich the experience of animals crossing the player's island,  play a vital role in creating new exploration locations, and are another goal for players to complete the game.