Animal Crossing: The Communication of Mind

  • n the animal crossing game, when you are happy, you can invite friends to go shopping, go to the museum, go to the party, and more and more humanized functions are realized one by one. Not only that, but players can also visit each other's islands locally and online. What functions the players need, just write an email, and after the developer agrees, this function will be implemented soon. Now Animal Crossing can also give gifts to friends, and players can prepare gifts for friends.
    Gifts are a way of expressing friendliness and show how important your friends are to you. Friends who receive gifts will also be very happy. Since Animal Crossing allows players to send special items as gifts in the game, it has enriched the player's gaming experience. ACBellsBuy stores sell goods. Players can purchase any items they want here. By the way, my favorite is the sound of animal bells. This is a great way to relax with friends and enjoy the atmosphere on the island. Because the gift is given online, there is no need to travel. When visiting other players' islands, they can relax in a friend's environment and talk to their neighbors.
    The second way to send gifts to friends is from Nook's tent. Select the label, and a list of available products will appear. Players can purchase items and send them to friends. You can also create custom notes. This is to build a sense of community so that each gift is memorable among players. Players can also send gifts as a time capsule to their residents or future self, and even use custom notes to prank some friends.
    Players are allowed to send gifts to players after they have been to friends' islands at least once. The first way to send gifts to friends is after the first day of the game. Please make sure there are gifts in the inventory, the player unlocks the area, and there is a small brown box filled with postcards. Approaching the box, it will offer to send the card to the player. Buy Animal Crossing Items is something I often do recently, and I can also give it to my good friends. The most surprising thing is that players can choose their favorite postcards. If they don't have a favorite movie, they can make them by themselves. One thing to note is that some postcards are only available for a limited time. After making a star movie, click the send function button, and the item will be sent via the Internet.
    The biggest advantage is convenience. For example, if the player strongly wants a certain clothing or a certain item, and for other reasons cannot buy it by himself, then friends can send them gifts with such items.