The cute bunny festival about animal crossing

  • As we all know, Animal Crossing has different activities in the incompatible seasons, and each activity is very interesting. The ultimate goal of Animal Crossing is to deliver the creativity of players, build a beautiful island life, and help players relax in the busy life of reality.

    Similar to Easter, the Animal Crossing Bunny Festival is a special way of celebrating the Bunny Festival, held once a year. Each animal crossing has a time limit. The limited-time of the Bunny Festival is 12 days, which means that players collect eggs and cash them out for sweet rewards within 12 days of the event.

    During the reporting period, the ACBellsBuy store will also sell special items, such as ACNH Gold. Players need to complete the task within a limited time. Complete the task on time to receive the task reward. If time passes, the player fails to collect all the eggs for his reasons, Which means that you have failed, and you will not receive any event prizes.

    In the Bunny Festival event, the task is a simple collection task. Players need to collect six different types of eggs. The six eggs are water eggs, stone eggs, leaf eggs, sky eggs, ground eggs, and wooden eggs. The name sounds very interesting. Because players can use multiple methods to collect eggs, it is very easy for players to quickly collect a large number of eggs. Players can also find special bunny festival themed recipes to make seasonal handicraft recipes.

    All the eggs will not be in the same location, and players need to look for them in different places. Players had better collect information before searching so that you can find the location of the hidden egg. Players can find water eggs through fishing. Buy ACNH Items to get a mysterious experience, low cost, and very reliable. Stone eggs can be found with the help of a spade or an ax. Shake the tree to get leaf eggs. Use a slingshot to shoot down the floating balloons to get sky eggs. You can obtain soil eggs by digging rocks. The last wooden egg is generally hidden in a specific tree, and the player can obtain the wooden egg if he finds the tree. Each egg has a fixed position, and it takes some time to collect all the eggs. During the search, you may encounter neighbors. After all, your neighbors are also doing tasks.