Animal Crossing: Building a Beautiful Home

  • Animals crossing each player can build an island. Many islands form a small town. There are many villagers in the town. The village name is not only humans but also cute animals. To build the most realistic island, 400 people will be recruited recently. The name of the player's village, with so many different designs, will inevitably lead to some very ugly animal crossing characters, as well as some rotten characters. Some animals crossing villagers have become community favorites.

    The following animals have been worshipped by many players through the villagers. These lists come from a survey of the village names of Animal Crossing. Even the most hated villagers of Animal Crossing are loved by some in the community. Buying ACNH Items can better build relationships with neighbors. Therefore, several other animals can easily win a place on this list, but these three animals are particularly special.

    The first neighbor, the Beau, has a lazy personality type, which means he is easy to get along with. His half-closed eyes make him drowsy, which makes him very approachable. The second neighbor marshal, his head like cotton candy, cute squirrel mouth, and rosy cheeks, because of his cute appearance, he is one of the cutest villagers there, and he is also the most expensive card for Animal Crossing one. The third neighbor, Raymond, is a newcomer to Animal Crossing. With unique eyes and golden clusters, he is a fashionable business cat.

    A good environment requires all players to work together to create. The name of a kind player will work hard in Animal Crossing to slowly create a beautiful home. Now there are more attractive neighbors. For many players, the unique appearance and cute character of these anthropomorphic animals make them worth the price. In Animal Crossing, there will be more and more lovely neighbors in the future, and each neighbor has its unique charm. Come and see which is your favorite neighbor.