The origin of the old school dream 12-29

  • Old School Runescape has always been loved by fans for its high-level challenges, and even sent out exciting news, telling Old School Runescape to launch the 80-story Ashhama Raid nightmare and the 80-player Ashhama raid nightmare. Bring new challenges to players in the confrontation game

    Since the release of Old School Runescape, after years of upgrades and updates, players can enter the world of RuneScape and explore new missions in the world of RuneScape. Now players can use the relationships they established at the time to deal with new challenges. Its name is Leah's Nightmare. This is also a brand new raid, which can hold up to 80 players at a time.

    According to normal rules, dying in Ashohana's nightmare can be a little frustrating. The Iron Man killed in the Dream Night battle will lose his status, and others will have to pay NPC 60,000 coins to recover their equipment from the boss battle. RSgoldBuy store sells RS Gold and RS3 Gold. If you want to get RS Gold in time, players can buy it directly. The transmission speed here can meet the player's time requirements to the greatest extent, save time and ultimately win. Lucky players happen to encounter Cheap RS Gold products. This is steep but not as high as the investment of Runescape players who spend $62,000 on the game.

    RuneScape is now available on PC and Mobile. Players will face a boss named Og. The entrance is in the catacombs. Players need to complete the task of entering the grave and then move on. In the following levels, players can freely play against up to 80 players. This is the game. The content of RuneScape is smart, and although the updated version of RuneScape introduced dinosaurs in the recent expansion, it does sound a bit interesting.