About Animal Crossing Holiday Decoration 12-29

  • With the continuous updates and upgrades of Animal Crossing: New Horizons festivals, players can collect decorations by shaking the decorated trees, the colors are red, blue, and gold. These different colored decorations are used to make holiday sets. Players also need to find hidden recipes by popping up floating balloons, just like DIY recipes for snowflakes and cherry blossom petals. This is a new DIY production material.

    During the event, players can shake the decorated cedar trees on the island to collect decorations of different colors. During the festival, players can find three types of decorations: red, blue, and gold. Gold trinkets are the rarest and are usually the hardest for players to find.

    If the player has extra decorations, it can be saved or sold. We can also sell every kind of decoration on ACBellsBuy, as long as the player spends a little gold here. here, Players who purchase decorations can also send some things to their friends to help them complete all DIY recipes.

    Some cedars on the player island will be decorated with colorful lights and ornaments. Ornaments are unique new handmade materials this season, players can collect Animal Crossing Items materials to make new holiday series DIY recipes. The accessories come from the cedar trees decorated around the player's island, and the player needs to shake the tree to obtain materials. The decoration will not always fall off. Not every cedar on the island will be decorated, so players need to search first. It is also important to know that accessories will not always fall on the first or second shake, so players will need to persevere in collecting the items they need.