Old school RuneScape anniversary 12-28

  • The old school RuneScape is suitable as a desktop MMORPG with more than 20 years of history. It must be able to provide a fully functional mobile port soon. Sadly, a long time ago, when people played games for so many years, it was sometimes difficult to achieve simultaneous playback between Android and iOS, and it was also difficult for developers to make changes and progress.

    The following articles are historical events. In 2013, the developers released Old School RuneScape. RuneScape was established in 2007. Over the years, it has been receiving updates and new content, but it is largely driven by the needs of players in the game's polls. Our store sells Runescape Gold, and players can buy RS Gold at a low price for a better gaming experience. Old School RuneScape is like the epitome of fan service. To celebrate the first anniversary of the mobile version, the developers held a party in the game. Players can grab a piece of cake from a specific fountain. The user experience is great.

    At the same time as the birthday celebrations, Old School RuneScape has installed more than 8 million mobile devices, bringing the total number of RuneScape subscribers to a record high. In the following time, they added another 3 million. We have liked Old School RuneScape from the very beginning. If you haven't checked the mobile version of the game, today's birthday celebration is a good excuse.

    Old School RuneScape has collected a very useful guide for beginners to attract new players. Therefore, if you have not checked the mobile version of the game, you can browse our RSgoldBuy store. We and Old School RuneScape are always in sync with the delivery and service update and convenience, which is far ahead.