The reason why the old school Runescape closed the bounty hunte

  • The gold mining method of bounty hunters had certain problems before. Although it has not yet affected the game economy of Old School Runescape, there are still some loopholes. Developers need to close this loophole.

    In the game, Jinnong becomes prey. They abused its mechanism to generate more GPs than can be obtained through legal methods. Such a bounty hunter will destroy other game content and the overall integrity of the game. This is not the effect that the developer wants. It is the best choice to make changes now.

    The developers also stated that this applies not only to bounty hunters but also to our entire PvP approach. PvP is the cornerstone of the old school. Now, it should be better, so we must take a step back and consider its place in the entire game. Our goal is to determine the long-term vision of PvP. We hope to have a clear direction in the next few years, rather than transition from one version to another, which will guide us in how to design content.

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