Animal crossing villagers celebrate Christmas during the holida

  • It's another annual holiday. Animal crossing fans expressed their love for Nintendo's successful franchise and holidays with some beautiful and creative fan art. Everyone's favorite New Horizons villagers like to celebrate Christmas, just as admirers like to decorate their houses Like the community, these artworks also prove this.

    On Christmas Day, people reunited with their families and enjoyed a delicious dinner. Animal Crossing is a casual game where players can customize their goals, from uninhabited islands to small townhouses. This is a very suitable game for families. Buying ACNH Plants is a wise choice, I like this decoration. Fans can reproduce their favorite villagers in comfort, winter and Christmas themed artworks, thereby enhancing their sense of health. Provide links to support talented artists.

    Some countries/regions in the world are experiencing a snowy season, and this season is very suitable for building Snowboys. Some players are also preparing for New Horizons Toy Day, the game is known for releasing new content and providing players with many outstanding performances. The title of champion won the Best Family Game Award of the 2020 Game Awards, which makes sense because it allows families as well as distant friends and family members to stay in touch by visiting each other's islands.

    In the game, players pay labor and repay debts to upgrade houses, catch fish, become friends with local animals, unlock new characters and new features, and can also stroll and enjoy the scenery, which is very interesting. There are also discounts at Christmas. During the event, players purchase items at lower prices than usual. Time: 12.21.2020-01.03.2020. Friends of the game hurry up to join.