The nightmare upgrade version of old school Runescape 12-19

  • Loyal players spend a certain amount of time in the game every day. With some new combat mechanisms, the old school RuneScape's Ashahama nightmare has been released, bringing the opportunity to get some new shiny rewards.

    As the developer announced, the new version of the level is also a fantasy story. The nightmare is a monster. Their home is settled under the game town. It has been feeding on the dreams of innocent townspeople and slowly becoming stronger, So now you must beat it all at once. The development guide also analyzes that this is the first team battle in history, and only the spirit of unity and cooperation can win.

    Technically speaking, if you are professional enough, you can win alone, but this is almost impossible to achieve. Forming a team and working with teammates is the right way, but only in this way can success be achieved.

    When the beast dies, it rarely has a chance to drop a unique item. Every player who participates in the battle will get his reward, so no one needs to compete for the best loot. The more damage it causes, the better the chance of getting it. Big. To complete this pass, players need to have sufficient equipment. The accumulation of equipment is difficult to meet demand only by time. Fortunately, players can buy from our rs gold buy store. The delivery speed and service here are excellent, and the price is still the best. Preferential, for more information, please click OSRS GP.