How to get hardwood in Animal Crossing? 12-19

  • In Animal Crossing, every item is meaningful, and it also represents a different meaning. Let's share hardwood today. In the game, hardwood is a very important resource that can be used to make various furniture types or your own, do-it-yourself benches. The more homes are built, the more and more items will be needed, so it is necessary to collect them slowly.

    First, you need to obtain an axis. The ax is a disposable item. Your good friend Tom will help you, and Tom can use this recipe. He is the leader and developer of the island and is usually found in resident service tents. The first time you talk to Tom, you will eventually make a bug net and fishing rod. He is essentially looking for various insects, fish, objects, and other specimens.

    Also, each of them is looking for two different identical things, so make sure to catch two of them. As a reward, he will hand over the recipe. Finally, he will provide you with a recipe. After obtaining the recipe, you will find that it takes five branches and a stone to make a fragile ax. Find nearby trees and shake them to grab the branches. There are big rocks everywhere, and rocks can usually be found.

    After the ax is equipped, go to the nearest tree and start to swing. Doing so will drop hardwood, softwood, and regular wood from the tree. Can not increase the chance of obtaining hardwood. Fortunately, the fragile ax cannot completely knock down trees, so there is no need to worry about those precious fruit trees. In short, the role of hardwood is very extensive. Players who want to obtain hardwood require full patience and time. If you have limited time in the game, you can come to our ACBellsBuy store. We provide many options here, which can shorten the time to obtain hardwoods and save players time. In our store, we have reasonable prices and perfect services and enjoy a certain reputation in the game industry. For more detailed information, please click Buy Animal Crossing Bells.