Animal Crossing detailed version 12-15

  • With the release of the most popular work so far, Animal Crossing has undoubtedly become one of the most popular and interesting life simulation games. Since the first release of the Animal Crossing series, it has always had a strong influence. There was an advertisement once that said, about Animal Crossing, everything you need to know about Brothers and Sisters. Haha, though that said, not all entries are hits, some of the series are more or less just to help people before the next entry. Here, we will look at all the games in the series from an objective perspective.

    Animal Crossing is loved by players who like to spend time designing their own houses in the game. The player himself is a home designer. Not just living there. But for fans of more mature life simulation games, the game represents a new possibility and a new aesthetic. Here, players can communicate with their neighbors, go for a walk, grow flowers, etc. It is a very relaxing experience. Many players here are very happy. For those friends who don't play games often, this is a good start.

    The release of Animal Crossing was also an accident. It is a derivative product of a certain game and the first portable product in the series. The game is essential that players can carry the game according to their wishes, and the entry also has a video playback function, which allows friends to visit each other's villages, and these games were previously only completed locally. Later, the game was unsuccessful and has now failed.

    The game also prompts events in real-time, whether in terms of the time the player runs the game, or the season the player plays, including events such as Christmas and New Year. For example Animal Crossing: New Leaves, which is an iteration of the series released on Nintendo 3DS. It belongs to the main game series, and it needs to be mentioned because of the extremely common derivative products in the series. The game uses a new plot device in which the player is now the mayor of the village where they live, rather than just living there. But for fans of more mature life simulation games, the game represents a new possibility, with a new aesthetic, and less attention to farming. Animal Crossing realizes the virtual connection between real life and games. After the player is busy with actual work, he can relax and participate in the game. For example, ACBellsBuy provides ACNH Bells and ACNH Gold to help players better decorate their homes. For more information, you can browse here: ACNH DIY.