Animal Crossing detailed version 12-14

  • Today is winter on your animal island, which means it's time to build a Snow boy! Snow boy is the snowman version of New Horizons and can be built throughout the snow season. They are also sentient creatures. You can build them in the snow and watch them slowly disappear within a few days. How to make the perfect snowman and find a frozen DIY recipe in Animal Crossing, if you can build a perfect Snow boy, then you will get a frozen DIY recipe that can help you turn your house into a winter palace.

    To build Snow, boy, you must first find two snowballs, and for this, you need to make sure that the snowballs used to construct Snow boy are the correct size. They will be somewhere on your island, then roll them on the ground until each snowball is big enough to construct a Snow boy. If the size is just right, you will create a perfect Snow boy. The perfect snowman is the only snowman who will reward you with DIY recipes of frozen clothes and big snowflakes. After creating the perfect Snow boy, you will receive a frozen DIY recipe, and every day Snow boy exists, you will receive a big snowflake. However, if your Snow boy is not perfect, it will be a little moan for your build skills, but you will get nothing. Please look forward to whether this is the first Snow boy you built. In this case, no matter how perfect, you will receive large snowflakes and frozen DIY recipes.

    To make the perfect Snow boy, you first need to find two snowballs that are usually close to each other and then take them to an open area on the island. Make sure the location is not too confusing, because you need to make room to talk to Snow boy. While doing this, you can even catch beetles because they like to snowball for you on the island. Now you need to make the lower part of Snow boy, which is the easiest snowball to create. All you have to do is roll the snowball back and forth until you can barely move the snowball. When this happens, make sure to place this snowball where you want the Snow boy to stand.After the body is made, it is time to do the head, which is a more difficult task than the body. For a perfect Snow boy head, you need to make sure that the height of the snowball of the head is about half the height of the avatar's ears. Set the camera to the lowest setting and stand carefully next to the snowball to check it easily. We recommend that you check the size of this snowball regularly to prevent it from becoming too big. Make sure its height is equal to half the height of the avatar’s ears. When you are ready, just roll the second snowball to the first snowball and it will magically become a snowman.

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