Old School RuneScape: Game Tip 4-2 Version

  • The article continues to share the skills of making gold. Because the article contains more content, it is shared twice. In the past, it was easy to get gold coins in the Old School RuneScape game. Many players find this boring. Now that the game is upgraded, the difficulty is increased, and the modern version of the improved early game still has the characteristics of gold scarcity. For beginners, you can enjoy the service here, and the delivery speed is fast here, which can save the player's time to better invest in the game. This is a method that anyone can use, but only here. Find all methods: Buy RS Gold.

    6. Manufacturing leather Leather is in great demand in games because leather is usually used to make gears, weapons, clothes, and various other items. It can be used at a low level almost immediately at the beginning of the game, so it is very popular. For novices, this is an easy choice. Cows are docile and easy to kill. The cowhide has a high drop rate and fast regeneration, so repeating this process is simple and effective. Players can put leather into the tannery, but can also save money by increasing the magic level to 83 and learning to make leather spells, and saving some coins. You can make hard leather or soft leather, because both are profitable, although soft leather is more valuable.

    7. Farming Runes This is not only about finding and obtaining runes, so it is impossible to complete the task as easy as collecting runes. One of the reasons for the high price of this simple service is that farming runes or pure natural essences usually require players to walk a long way to reach higher and often dangerous areas. Interestingly, you can find other participants in the forum who are willing to bring you time and trouble.

    8. Mining gold Echoing with real life, there are many reasons to pursue gold ore in the game, just like we like it in real life. It can be used to make jewelry and train Smith's skills, so you can sell it to others who hone his skills, or you can use it yourself to make shiny bubbles for profit. You only need to use level 40 mining and handicrafts to take advantage of this method, and the best location to find ore is in a dangerous area or a location restricted by a member account. Completing several optional tasks will give you access to a certain mine and offer discounts to vendors in that location.

    9. Vanilla planting Herbal medicine is related to the Herbore skill, which is useful at any level but is essential for higher-level characters and related tasks and activities. Herbs need to be washed before they can be used to make potions. This is a convenient way to improve your skill level. At the same time, you can produce profitable materials for sale or add them as an ingredient to make certain products more valuable. Planting herbs is an advanced art and precision science. There are several tips, tricks, and simple techniques to use crop rotation, super compost, and herb tables while having enough agronomy to buy and plant seeds.

    10. Kill the image of a gargoyle For players who invest some time to improve their killing skills, Gargoyles are known for dropping some loot. It is just part of a group of things that fell from the gargoyle. These creatures only exist in areas accessible to members, so this is one of the few tips that free games don't have. Grab that special rock hammer, make sure the kill skill is at least 75, and then start to smash for fun and money.