I have been playing Animal Crossing this winter

  • During the holidays, I was bored every day. To spend a boring time, I played a fun animal crossing game. A week later, I started to expand my private island. If you have only heard of animal crossing on the Internet, please give me a brief introduction: In all versions of the game, you have moved to a town or campsite or island full of anthropomorphic animals. Now you are your new neighbor. Buy a house and live a life. In the game, you can plant flowers, cook, make friends, etc. The game is synchronized with the clock on the device, so seasons and holidays can be delivered in real-time. This is very time-consuming and requires players to think. You can learn about the auxiliary tools of the game here: Animal Crossing Bells.

    The version of the animal crossing game is constantly updated. This is the first uninhabited island, and the community is built from scratch. The topography of the island, including cliffs and waterways, can shape your vision of the deserted island, and the villagers have made positive comments on the development of the island. And I found it to be the most soothing of all previous versions of the game. This is the first game ever released in HD, so all graphics, including every turf, are visually stunning. At sunset, the sky changes to various colors; in summer, fireflies fly by the river. In autumn, the leaves turned copper red, and the monarch butterfly flew over the fruit trees. Perhaps the best thing is that the sun still sets before 6 pm.

    With the power of Wi-Fi, friends can fly to your island so that the two of you can collect shells and gather blue carp together like friends. You can send letters and gifts to each other, such as stylish flower-shaped umbrellas and upholstered dining chairs. On a hot summer day, a friend’s island was full of weeds. I suggest spending an afternoon to beautify it in exchange for a set of antique furniture, and then we can chat in real-time directly from the game.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons is very close to the island resorts I can go to this year. Just like any good vacation, I spent as much time as possible here: I can do it myself all these months indoors. Build everything I want to do, go fishing, and run around with my loved ones. The ACBellsBuy platform is very helpful for me to play games. Sometimes I miss the game because of time. Currently, I can buy Animal Crossing Gold, Nook Miles tickets, and ACNH Bells from ACBellsBuy so that I don't miss the exciting games. It is worth mentioning that the delivery speed here is very fast, which can quickly solve my time constraints. Many players like me are using it and can be trusted.