Image and price of LPG simulator

  • LPG Emulator contains many components: a CPU emulator that simulates many original machines; an emulator that maps many arcade input devices, such as buttons, joysticks and other controls, to the keyboard, joystick and other devices on the PC, and An arcade display and sound simulator. Liquefied petroleum gas is a kind of petroleum tail gas left in the process of refining gasoline, kerosene, diesel, heavy oil and other oil products. Through certain procedures, the petroleum tail gas is recycled and used, and pressure measures are taken to make it liquid. Packed in a pressurized container.

    The only thing missing from the emulator is the ROM image, which is the program in the original arcade game. It is often expensive and difficult to make specialized simulation machines, so using a computer to simulate is the cheapest and most convenient method. Like oil and natural gas, LPG is a fossil fuel. Liquefied gas is a mixture composed of a variety of low-boiling gases in the petroleum refining process, and has no fixed composition. The main components are butene, propylene, butane and propane. Although most energy companies do not specialize in the production of liquefied petroleum gas, because it is a by-product in the refining process of other fuels, it contains a certain amount of output.

    LPG Emulator is mainly used as a petrochemical raw material, used for hydrocarbon cracking to produce ethylene or steam reforming to produce synthesis gas, and can be used as industrial, civil, and internal combustion engine fuel. The main quality control indicators are evaporation residue and sulfur content, and sometimes olefin content is also controlled.