Learn a Little More About Submersible Pumps

  •  Low water pressure, too much water under the house, or a sudden cold in a hot shower are all signs of a faulty water supply system. When you start to encounter such problems at home, it may be time to replace the pump unit. Below are four different water pumps that help maintain an efficient and reliable water supply system for your home.

    1. Submersible pump

    Submersible pumps are water pumps located underground. They are designed to push the fluid to the surface, not to pull the fluid towards the house like a jet pump.

    1. Sewage pump

    These types of pumps are specifically used in basements and crawl spaces. They are ideal for houses located in low-lying areas and vulnerable to flooding. The sewage pump can pump out the excess water that accumulates in the basement or under the house.

    1. Jet pump

    Jet pumps are mainly used in shallow wells because they can only be installed 25 feet underground. They draw water from the well by using suction caused by atmospheric pressure. The jet pump is installed above the well in your home or in a separate well room.

    1. Constant pressure pump

    Have you experienced low water pressure in your home? Is it impossible to wash clothes and run the dishwasher at the same time? Constant pressure pumps are very suitable for these types of low water conditions. They can help balance your water pressure and provide the stable tap water pressure your family needs.

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