New Pokemon Leaks Met With Mixed Reactions

  • Ever because of the surprise announcement of Pokemon's original mainline DLC from the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra expansions for Sword and Shield, fans experienced their hearts set one thing: Shiny 6IV Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes. Now, using the franchise's monumental 25th anniversary going on just a few weeks, some are expecting to get some sort of news ahead of their way, whether inside the form of a Pokemon Direct, Pokemon Presents, or simple Twitter announcements.

    Although Pokemon made no appearances at the most recent Nintendo Direct, the franchise's anniversary plans have already been saved for Pokemon Day, February 27, but one prominent Pokemon leaker says otherwise. In some recent tweets, established leaker Centro Pokemon teased fans with many tidbits of knowledge, for instance, what exactly they will expect to understand, and when they will expect it.

    Of course, fans were excited that they will not have to hold off until the 27th to take delivery of Pokemon news and Shiny Pokemon Buy. Even though this is not more than a rumor, many theorize how the reasoning behind this is due to Pokemon Day falls using a Saturday, and Nintendo will hold Direct-styled presentations throughout the week, possibly pushing a Pokemon Day Direct back on Friday or perhaps sooner. However, fans were quite disappointed to learn that they will not get any sort of a celebratory bunch of Pokemon games this season, as have been previously rumored.

    Of course, these supposed leaks aren't more than rumors, nevertheless, they do provide advice about things players may even see during Pokemon's 25th anniversary. For now, the franchise's celebrations such as a McDonald's Happy Meal promotion, a virtual concert with Post Malone, plus much more, nonetheless it will be interesting to determine what else Pokemon Day brings fans on February 27, and also even sooner.