Top 4 Ice Pokemon From Kanto

  • Kanto will be the very first region that Pokemon fans traveled through and contain some of the most robust and nostalgic creatures found throughout. You will discover only four Ice-type Pokemon based in the Pokedex. The Ice-type is definitely the rarest in every Pokemon.

    Since you will find only four Shiny Pokemon in Kanto, the ranking will surely be of those five. All four of these packed a huge punch in Generation I.

    #4 - Dewgong. Dewgong is undoubtedly an alright Pokemon but could be considered absolutely useless if somebody gets their mitts Cloyster or Lapras. As a Water/Ice-type, Dewgong doesn't bring much else to the table. It is cute and will do some serious injury to Pokemon it truly is supereffective against, but it's outmatched thoroughly by other Ice-types.

    #3 - Cloyster. Cloyster is really a defensive unit of your Pokemon. It also has pretty solid attack stats. There are moves that Cloyster learns that could just enrage opposing trainers. Overall, it's one of the better Water/Ice-type Pokemon found during the entire franchise. It can withstand and outlast nearly anything thrown advertising, even super-effective hits.

    #2 - Articuno. Articuno is among Kanto's Legendary bird Pokemon and is also absolutely beautiful. Buy Shiny Pokemon is interesting for the most players. Being able to catch this creature as the first Legendary Pokemon can be a moment fans won't ever forget. While it is now offering a new Galarian form, there is little change ever compare to your true blue Articuno of Kanto.

    #1 - Lapras. Lapras is just one of the strongest Pokemon to leave Kanto and Generation I. This Water/Ice-type could basically receive in-game by using an NPC within the first list of games. That caused it to be extremely rare. To this day, Lapras has got the respect it deserves. Its beauty, grace, power, and poise are common unmatched when comparing any other Ice-type Pokemon.