20l Bucket Mould Manufacturers Introduces Methods To Prevent Ru


    If the plastic mold is placed for a long time without professional treatment, it will affect the life of the plastic mold. The reason why the plastic mold will rust is caused by the gas generated after the melt is overheated and decomposed. 20L Bucket Mould Manufacturers introduces how to prevent plastic molds from rusting?

    1. After the injection molding is stopped, wipe the plastic mold products with a clean soft dry cloth.
    2. When the processing mold has not been formed, you must pay attention to closing it. The advantage of this is mainly to avoid corrosion caused by gas generated by other injection agents around. When closing the plastic mold, it is best to apply butter.
    3. When molding is stopped for a long time, spray anti-rust agent in the mold cavity. It should be noted that before spraying, the mold cavity must be wiped clean until there are no rust spots.