Animal Crossing Items are some examples

  • just like the one Cuyler uploaded to Github. Here Animal Crossing Items are some examples.

    Cuyler operates a modest Patreon to help aid the undertaking, which thus far has been a Herculean one-person task. "Pledging on Patreon helps me offset the value of translating this recreation, as it;s insanely time consuming. I;ve spent properly over 1,500 hours between reverse engineering, tool creation, and translating! I am the simplest person actively working at the project," they wrote on Youtube.

    The Patreon mentions hiring a expert translator if Cuyler starts receiving extra cash, though it seems like at this factor, the task is close to finished, regardless of Cuyler;s admitted "fundamental Japanese" competencies. Backing the mission receives you access to month-to-month patch updates Buy Animal Crossing Items and Discord perks.