There is a way to get a villager of your choosing

  • there’s nothing to do but say goodbye. The subsequent day, their Animal Crossing Items residence can be an empty lot: this is when you flow.

    When the empty lot is in your island, you could get a nook miles price tag and tour to a thriller island. You must see a new capability villager hanging out on that island. Take inventory of them, perhaps google them, and determine whether or now not you want them to come to your island. If you don’t like them, just head lower back to the airport and visit a brand new island for a brand new villager.

    There is a way to get a villager of your choosing, but its tough. You need to come across a villager on some other island at the day that they’re packing up their boxes, about equipped to leave. At that factor, you could invite them. To do this right, you both want to coordinate with a pal or a stranger. Nookazon, that's like Amazon however for Animal Crossing, has a black marketplace wherein people Animal Crossing Items for Sale purchase and promote villagers for millions of bells. It’s a bit creepy.