Psyonix have recently Rocket League Credits partnered togethe

  • While it may not be a Rift, Epic and Psyonix have recently Rocket League Credits partnered together, bringing one of each’s cars to the other game. Players in Fortnite began seeing the Octane around the island and fans of Rocket League received the Whiplash. Many are wondering if this little teaser may point to something more involved starting in Fortnite‘s next chapter.

    Some have suggested that this could point to a new Rocket League POI on the map at the start of next season or more cars from the game coming to the island. Right now, however, this is all speculation as fans wait to see what these two games have in store. It’d be a huge coincidence for that exact blue crack to appear in the sky when it has become so known in Epic’s other live-service title.

    With Epic releasing a number of Fortnite Fracture event teasers, the  Buy Rocket League Items world of Rocket League could play a part in the event or gameplay next season. Either way, it’s likely to be a welcome surprise among fans of both Epic-owned titles.