What Are Advantages Of PP Clamp?


    One of the main advantages of a PP clamp is that it is quick acting, you just need to apply the handle and that immediately applies the load and secures the component in place. In some instances you could use something like a strap clamp which are quite time consuming to apply the clamps, where you have to fix it manually. If you have to get your components in and secured quickly it’s Toggle Clamps that allow you to do that. Toggle Clamps generate high holding forces from the small amount of force you put into the clamp. In some instances, with strap clamps for example, the amount of force that they give you can be quite small.

    The real benefit of Toggle Clamps is an efficiency benefit. Depending on what you have been using in the past that efficiency will give a cost benefit by speeding up production and increasing production outputs when you are able to increase the speed that you are loading and unloading components.

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