What Are Necessary Components Of Brass PP Fitting?


    Brass pp fitting make use of a number of components. What are these components? Read on to know:

    1.Coupling: Couplings are the components that are used to connect two pipes. You can get these components in different lengths and sizes.
    2.Nipple: Nipple is basically a stub of a pipe. It is used to connect two fittings and is most commonly used for plumbing solutions. This component is made from copper or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride.
    3.Tee: Tee is yet another vital pipe fitting component, which is used to deliver a steady flow of any liquid.
    4.Reducer: When you want to connect two pipes having dissimilar widths. In that case, a reducer is used.
    5.Elbow: This component has a shape of a human elbow. It is used to change the direction of a pipe by 45° or 90°.
    6.Cross: As the name suggests, this component has a cross shapes, with four branches in opposite directions. One out of the four crosses is used as an inlet, whereas the remaining three branches are used as outlets.
    7.Union: During maintenance, fixture, or replacement, the pipes are required to be disconnected. There is a component for this purpose, too. A union is a component used to disconnect pipes, whenever required for the aforementioned purposes.