When can I cancel my southwest flight?

  • We all know that there are certain circumstances wherein any traveler looks for options to cancel their travel bookings. Some Airlines let their travelers cancel their booking by including a certain cancelation fee. All passengers traveling with Southwest Airlines reservations can request for cancelation of their bookings, usually 10 minutes before the departure of their flight. After this, if the customer is traveling with Wanna Get, Away Fare will get their bookings forfeited. For other tickets like Business Select or Anytime Fare, the passengers can use the ticket value as a transferred travel fund voucher for future reservations. 

    Is there an option to cancel without any Penalty?

    Usually, in any case, Southwest Airlines does not have any cancelation fee. If a customer has purchased the tickets using the Rapid Reward Points, then the Airline will automatically redeposit those points in their account. For passengers traveling with Wanna Get Away bookings with cash, the money will be held with the Airline and used in future bookings. And for the rest of the class, which is Business Select and Anytime Fare, they will receive the refund amount to the original payment account. 

    Does Any Southwest Flight expire?

    Generally, travel tickets expire one year from the date of the purchase. This gives an ample amount of time for the customer as well as the Airline to decide what can be done with the booking or how to reuse the value for future Southwest Airlines reservations.

    Can a Passenger cancel their bookings if made using Reward Points?

    Any passenger traveling with Southwest Airlines can opt for cancelation. Customers making their bookings using the Reward Points can cancel their reservations and reuse those reward points for future bookings. The passenger will get their refund as the points will be redeposited again to their account after the cancelation process.  It is always recommended to go through their policies before taking any action. Have a happy and Safe Trip!

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