Light Box Cloth In Publicity


    The bulletin board light box is now an intangible asset of a city and an indispensable element of the city’s comprehensive competitiveness. The bulletin board light box has entered people’s production and life. While bringing convenience to people, it also establishes the image of the city. A certain contribution. light box cloth also plays an important role in it.

    The image of the city includes the external image and the internal image. The scale, architecture, layout, form and environment of a city are its appearance, and the essence of a city's image lies in its inner image. A good city image will enhance the city's taste and stimulate the city's sustainable development capabilities.

    Today's billboards have changed the traditional light boxes, with poor effects, no image, and monotonous text modeling defects, using its lifelike image. Display rich fonts, no matter the day or night, it presents a unique decorative effect with brilliant colors and strong texture. Advertising light boxes are widely used, whether in hotels, shops, gas stations, airports, railway stations, subway stations, etc., advertising light boxes can be seen everywhere. Advertising light boxes have become an important means to attract the public such as Chinese and foreign enterprises and organizations to promote their images and display brands, and they frequently appear in various public places.

    In addition to light box cloth, our Taiwei also has transparent waterproof tarpaulin, which can be used in rainy days. If you are interested, welcome to buy.