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    The knife-coated flexible banner is coated with liquid PVC slurry on the front and back of the base fabric, using several anti-scratch blades, and then combined them into a whole through a drying process, and then cooling and forming. Its characteristics are strong resistance to penetration, high tensile strength and resistance to peeling. Because the upper and lower parts of the blade scraping method are a whole, the peeling phenomenon can be eliminated, and the strength of the joint can be greater than the product itself through welding.

    At present, the width of the flex banner of this process can reach 5 meters. Due to the complex production process, the production equipment is relatively expensive
    According to the light transmittance and the position of the light source, the retractable banner is divided into a rear retractable banner, a front retractable banner and a grid cloth.

    The rear flexible banner is used to make the rear light box. The light transmittance is generally between 25% and 35%. These light boxes are mostly small and medium-sized, and are mostly used to make roadside light boxes, store door light boxes and indoor publicity light boxes. Generally, the area is not large, no more than 100 square meters.

    The front light flexible banner is used to make the front light light box, and its light transmittance is generally between 5% and 10%. This kind of light box has strong typhoon resistance, so it is mostly used to make large outdoor light boxes, such as architectural billboards, high-speed roadside light boxes, and urban Optimus Prime light boxes. Most of the large outdoor light boxes of 100-400 square meters use this kind of light cloth.
    The grid cloth is densely arranged, and the surface of the material has many mesh holes, so that wind energy can pass through the surface of the light cloth, thereby greatly reducing the pressure of the typhoon on the light box, so that the picture can be used outdoors for a longer time. Because of this feature, checkered cloth is mostly used to make large-scale sign advertisements and architectural advertisements.

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