About Inkjet Cover Film


    inkjet cover film is a product that is often found in reality. Our inventory is designed for large format printers using solvents, latex, thermal and UV inks.

    Companies in industries such as vehicle signage and advertising need materials that have the greatest impact in terms of visibility, but they also need outstanding durability. By stocking only high-quality materials manufactured with the most advanced technology, high standards can be guaranteed to be passed on to end users.

    Inkjet cover film has been widely used in visual communication and advertising industries because of its versatility, but in recent years, interior decorators have increasingly used printed materials, especially in the hotel and retail industries. As the inkjet printing market expands, Taiwei strives to stay ahead of new trends and provide companies with the most advanced materials available. After all, Taiwei, as a professionalflex banner manufacturers , can provide customers with specific professional opinions and the most professional products.