Introduction Of Pvc Light Box Film


    When it comes to PVC light box film, I believe most people are not familiar with it, let alone the material of PVC light box film. But rest assured, I will briefly introduce this issue for you.
    What is PVC light box film material
    PVC light box film is a unique polyvinyl chloride material and must not contain cadmium. Its fire rating is B1. It is divided into one to several times and is completed by high-frequency welding. It is based on the appearance and specifications of the ceiling surveyed on site produced in the factory. It is not only soft in texture, but also rich in colors, and can be stretched arbitrarily, completely breaking the shortcomings of traditional light boxes in shape and color.
    What is PVC light box film
    PVC light box film, also called ultra-thin PVC light box film, is made of molded aluminum frame, which is not only easy to install, but also can be installed in a variety of ways, such as hoisting, vertical installation, etc. It is not only convenient to replace the maintenance screen in the future, but also helps to save maintenance costs, so it is very suitable for companies with frequent activities. In addition, the luminosity of PVC light box film can also be adjusted according to different occasions.
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