There Are Something About Light Box Cloth

  • What is the raw material of pvc tarpaulin? There are usually the following types of tarpaulins that can be used on the market:

    1. Textiles, that is, cloth in the true sense.
    2. If the shelter area is not wide, it can be made of PVC or nylon materials.
    3. The occlusion surface is wider, but what is occluded is not too important. Like the tarpaulin used to cover grass in the countryside, tarpaulin is generally sufficient.
    4. When transparency is required, you can choose PVC transparent waterproof tarpaulin.

    Product features and performance indicators: 1. Tensile strength indicators: warp strength ≥ 2100N/5CM, weft strength ≥ 1600N/5CM; 2. No leakage, water pressure value ≥ 2000MM water column; 3. Low temperature and cold resistance The temperature is -20℃; 4. It can prevent mildew, and the anti-mold experiment is level one.

    Product use: 1. It can be used as freight tarpaulin for cars, trains and ships; 2. It can be used to cover the stacks of open-air warehouses in stations, wharfs, seaports and airports; 3. It can be used to build temporary granaries and cover various crops in the open.


    In addition to the production of tarpaulins, most companies will also operate light box cloth. There are differences between the two, but there are intersections in product materials, and the technology is also relevant, so it is feasible.