Flexible Light Box Cloth Has Excellent Bonding Fastness

  • Flexible light box cloth needs high tearing and bursting strength to meet the strict requirements of design and processing. In order to prevent holes from being accidentally impacted and expanding to form large structural tears, high tear and burst strength are necessary.

    The main factors that affect the tearing strength and bursting strength of the light box cloth are the specifications of the yarns used, the structure of the base fabric, and the strength of the PVC film.

    The adhesion of the film to the base fabric fiber is a very important quality indicator. In the actual use process, the light box cloth is subject to a certain tension due to tension, and it is also damaged by wind and other climatic factors. There will be a partial separation between the resin layer and the fabric layer and gradually expand, which will affect the light box cloth. Strong, light, and so on. Therefore, the transparent waterproof tarpaulin is required to have high peel strength, that is, it has excellent adhesion fastness. This is generally improved by adding a binder that has a good affinity with polyester fabrics in the formulation.