Advantages Of Custom Hanging Umbrella As A Warehouse

  • Today, we often hear cases of using Outdoor Folding Gazebo products as logistics sheds, and many companies use tents for storage. As for warehouse tents, why more and more people choose warehouse tents as warehouses?


    Speaking of this question, the most obvious answer is naturally due to its own tent advantages.. The following tent manufacturers will analyze the reasons for the warehouse canopy:


    Why choose a tent


    Flexibility: Compared with the traditional reinforced concrete structure warehouse warehouse, the most obvious advantage of warehouse tents is obvious flexibility. When needed, we can quickly establish it, and can remove it in the off-season when storage is not needed, which can flexibly and effectively solve storage needs.


    Long service life and high cost performance: Although the storage tents are not as long as the traditional buildings, the aluminum alloy products on the market are often processed by the tent manufacturers, which are not only strong and durable, but also not less than 20 years of appearance corrosion life. The outer tarpaulin has good waterproof and flame-retardant properties, which can effectively protect the safety of the storage tent. Compared with traditional buildings, storage tents are a good choice in terms of cost.


    Plenty of storage space: The span of Custom Hanging Umbrella can be selected from 3-50 meters, and the length can be extended indefinitely according to multiples of 3~5 meters. There is no pillar support inside, and the space utilization rate is high. No matter how large the storage space is required, we Can satisfy you...