How To Build Outdoor Folding Gazebo

  • Precautions for Outdoor Folding Gazebo construction
    Note that the doors of the inner and outer tents must face one direction, and the four corners are hung on the four corners of the inner tent (you can find the hanging place near the position of the tent pole), and some are for the outer tent. The four corners are also nailed near the four corners of the inner tent. Check if there are any loops on the outer tent to nail the floor. Make the outer tent tense, and there is no place where it is attached to the inner tent. If it rains, the inner tent should be taut. The tent will not get wet, and because of breathing, a layer of dew or frost will form on the outer tent in the morning. If it is not attached to it, it will not wet the inner tent, but there are also bad tent frost that will settle the inner tent. Get up early. , It's going to snow in the tent.
    There are also some ropes on the tent, which are used to reinforce the tent. Generally, you don't need to pull it if there is no strong wind. If you don't worry, you'd better pull it up. You can also use ground nails. The ropes are pulled firmly and evenly. When you get up in the morning, if the weather is good, it is best not to close the tent immediately and let it dry a little bit. If you get caught in the rain, you must remember to spread it out to dry when you go home, otherwise it will get moldy. After receiving the tent, remove the outer tent first. After pulling out the nails of the inner tent, don’t rush to remove the tent poles. Open the door, lift the tent and shake, pour out the soil inside, and then place it on the ground. Take off one of the heads to flatten the tent and push the poles out from one end. Don't pull the poles. The poles are plugged in, and they will fall apart. Finally, fold up the tent poles, put the inner and outer tents back in the bag, and don’t lose the Custom Hanging Umbrella.