Features Of Outdoor Folding Gazebo

  •         Outdoor Folding Gazebo's product features: shading and heat insulation, lighting and heat preservation, energy saving and environmental protection, sunshine fabrics
            Application scenarios of electric awnings: hospitals, shopping malls, factories, sun rooms, schools, etc.

            Advantages of electric awning products:
      (1) Strong aluminum alloy frame structure, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, light and strong.
      (2) The fabric is made of anti-corrosion and anti-mildew materials, which can effectively resist heat and ultraviolet rays to ensure the best shading effect.
      (3) Generally, an ordinary high-torque tubular motor with a pipe diameter of 50 is used, which can be externally controlled by wind, light, rain, etc.
      (4) The maximum width of a single frame is 5 meters, and the maximum extension length is 6 meters.
       (5) Custom Hanging Umbrella application range: villas, balconies, sun rooms and patio shading of large buildings; suitable for installation on horizontal, vertical and inclined building surfaces.