What Should I Do If The Portable Easy Pop Up Gazebo Rusts?

  • Wrought iron furniture
    Wrought iron is prone to rust, so it should not be exposed in winter. Some iron furniture sets have anti-rust coatings. However, bird droppings can damage the coating due to its acidic properties. Rinse it off immediately after seeing the stool.

    Before cleaning the furniture in winter, use fine sandpaper to remove any rust. Wipe it clean with a mixture of mild soap and warm water. Let the furniture dry to repair any paint scratches. You can also treat the furniture with a rust inhibitor, and then apply a thin layer of car wax to provide additional protection.

    Wrought iron Portable Easy Pop Up Gazebo is easy to rust when it is not protected in winter.
    Wrought iron furniture tends to rust when exposed in winter.
    Natural stone furniture
    The stone table and fire pit add a rustic elegance to your terrace. Most stones are porous, which means that water will seep in. When the temperature freezes, the frozen water can cause cracks and fractures.

    Rinse stone furniture with water to remove dirt. Mix a few drops of mild detergent with water, then scrub with a soft cloth or sponge to remove hard stains.

    After the stone is dry, apply a stone sealant to prevent stains, salt and moisture from penetrating into the pores and freezing. This is especially important if you live in a coastal area or have a saltwater swimming pool. Salt will enter the air and will become ingrained in any small ridges or cracks in the stone.

    Outdoor fabric
    Clean outdoor fabrics such as curtains, pillows, cushions and umbrellas before storing so that they are ready for spring. Outdoor fabrics are designed to be weather resistant and much stronger than fabrics used indoors. If you are not careful, rain, snow and ice can still damage your outdoor decoration.

    Deep clean outdoor cushions and cushion covers, and then store them at home. If there is no space inside, put them in a cushion storage bag and store them in your shed, garage or attic.

    To clean your parasol, move it to the shade and brush off any loose dirt. Mix ¼ cup of mild detergent with 1 gallon of warm water. Use a soft brush or cloth to remove stubborn stains. Let the solution sit for 15 minutes, then rinse with a hose. Allow it to air dry in the sun, and then close it until it is completely dry.

    For outdoor curtains, please check the manufacturer's instructions. Outdoor curtains can usually be machine washed in cold water, but should not be placed in a dryer. If you need to wash the curtains by hand, follow the instructions for umbrellas above.

    If your outdoor pillows have removable covers, you can usually machine wash them too. Use cold water and do not put it in the dryer.

    How to store patio furniture in winter
    After your outdoor furniture and outdoor fabrics are cleaned, it's time to figure out how to protect them. Although it may be tempting to expose durable items such as metal furniture, it is best to be careful.

    Plastic wrap or tarp
    Using plastic shrink wrap is a relatively simple way to protect outdoor furniture. You can buy plastic wrap yourself, or hire a team to cover it for you. This type of protection is very popular in the northeast where heavy storms and snow are common.

    However, plastic is not breathable. If water passes through it, it cannot escape, causing mold and mildew. If your furniture has sharp edges, the possibility of water infiltration increases. If you buy cheap plastic or improper packaging, the furniture may tear the plastic.

    The cost of this service usually starts at around $200 and then increases from there based on the number of pieces you have. Although this may seem like an affordable option compared to buying multiple covers, you will have to pay more than $200 year after year.

    Tarpaulins face the same air permeability issues as shrink packaging. Any water that enters cannot evaporate. You need to fix the tarp with multiple bungee cords or ropes to ensure that it will not fly away in the high wind. A tarp that is too large can still suck in air and blow away or knock down your furniture.

    Using winter outdoor furniture covers can protect your outdoor investment from rain, snow, ice, road salt, debris, etc. This means that when you are ready to use it again, your outdoor furniture will be clean and will last longer.

    The cover also allows you to leave patio furniture in the yard. This makes it easier for your backyard to survive the winter and prepare for spring faster.

    Mold and mold development on covered wood furniture is a common concern. Choose a cover made of breathable fabric, including mesh vents. You should also choose a cover with 1-2 inches of space between the hem and the ground. This will promote airflow and quickly evaporate moisture. If possible, brush off snow or water from the mulch occasionally. The pooled water may cause internal moisture and it will be more difficult to evaporate.

    Use umbrella covers to store outdoor umbrellas, and put all outdoor curtains, pillows, and cushions in cushion storage bags, and then store them in garages, sheds, attics, or basements.

    The protective cover protects your furniture all year round.
    Indoor, garage or shed
    If you have enough space to store outdoor furniture in a garage or shed, you should still consider using a light cover to prevent water leakage and dust. If you live in an area that often faces cold weather, you should always try to bring in plastic furniture. Plastics become brittle when exposed to low temperatures for a long time.


    Although it may take an afternoon or two for China Custom Sunshade Parasol to pass the winter, it is well worth it. Keeping it clean when not in use and protecting the furniture with durable covers will extend the life of the furniture, so you can rest easily in winter because your outdoor investment is safe and sound.