Have You Seen Leisure Furniture

  • The design of Chinese style inherits the essence of home furnishings in the Tang Dynasty, Ming and Qing Dynasties. The classic elements are refined and enriched, without rigidity but without losing dignity, focusing on quality but avoiding unnecessary harshness. These constitute the Chinese style. The unique charm of the style, especially the Chinese style, has changed the traditional home furnishings: it is not easy to use, and it is not comfortable. In addition, it is more and more flexible in the layout of different types of rooms, which is accepted by more and more people.

    1. Chinese Leisure Furniture

    In the past, Chinese-style furniture was uncomfortable in people’s impressions. It seemed more suitable for furnishings. It was inconsistent with home decoration, and there were not many decoration techniques. It seemed a bit old-fashioned. Moreover, due to the differences between modern people and ancients There are many differences in the use of furniture, so many people think that Chinese-style furniture cannot meet the needs of modern life. For example, the ancients demanded to sit upright due to heavy courtesy, but now people are looking for more ergonomic comfort Comfort, so the actual needs of modern people’s life, and brings together some fashionable elements in Chinese and foreign furniture, which can fully satisfy people’s pursuit of comfort. The essence of the splendid culture of the Chinese nation is deposited, which is reflected in the different styles of furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The unique, nationalized furniture, especially the traditional products that have been scientifically and rationally improved, and the trend of interior decoration design, exude infinite charm, every piece of Chinese-style furniture is alive, although perhaps only the entire space A detail of this place, but it can be placed in any position to determine the temperament of this place.

    1. Application of Chinese-style furniture decoration in modern interior design

    Now more and more families like to match one or two pieces of Chinese-style furniture in modern style decoration, which not only conforms to the living habits of modern people, but also adds a bit of antique to the room. Don’t put too many Chinese-style elements in the home. Don't put Chinese furniture or decorations in every part of your home. This will not only fail to play the role of fresh elements, but will make the occupants feel depressed in their lives.

    1. The design concept of Chinese furniture contained in interior design

    The research and pursuit of the living environment by the ancients of China is far beyond our imagination. Some of their interior design concepts are quite similar to the most popular minimalism today.

    From the design point of view, these fashionable appearances are reflected in form and material. Many simple and fashionable elements have been injected into Chinese furniture. Western designers have borrowed Western abstract patterns and partiality in the continuation of the Chinese style design concept. The smooth lines of Western style have also changed the face of traditional Chinese furniture.

    In terms of materials, most of the current classic furniture is no longer the old furniture of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Twenty antique old woods are newly made. The wood is mainly made of elm and poplar. It is suitable for modeling, and is better than classical furniture in terms of maintenance and price. It is easy to get close to modern living rooms, and Chinese-style furniture made of old wood or old materials and modern materials has become popular. For example, Chinese-style dining tables made of glass on elm wood door panels have been favored by many young people.

    As far as collocation is concerned, "freely match" Chinese traditional elements and modern design with one or two pieces of Chinese-style furniture, which is culturally compatible, so it is used for the present. It has become a new idea of ​​modern home design and decoration, and the classical Portable Folding Gazebo The innovative use of Gazebo not only broadens the scope of use of old furniture, but also guides a distinctive aesthetic style.