Introduction To The Structure Of Push Up Umbrella Suppliers



    The outdoor tent of Push Up Umbrella suppliers is used outdoors. It can cover wind and rain for us, so it can also become a house for us as a temporary residence. The planning of these field tents is incapable of using double layers, and has outstanding rainproof and breathable functions; trust us to see here and have a more in-depth understanding of the field tents. If we are interested, come soon Choose a field tent that suits your heart, and it’s also good for camping in the summer!


    The tent is a kind of equipment composed of canvas and supporting parts, which is used for covering in the field and facilitating the temporary activities of the crowd. It's easier and quicker to set up and dismantle, with different sizes and functions. Usually follow human activities to the site in the form of parts and components, and temporarily build and remove them according to the scale of the time of the activity.


    There are mainly these components: main body, pillar, frame, building, roof, wall, rain shelter, door, floor mat, flying mat, main rope, angle rope, waist rope, nail, wooden hammer or hammer, bag.

    Function category:

    According to the type and applicable occasions, it can be divided into the following categories:

    Military tent: tent accessories (grass green military horse), camp bed (iron), 93-type squad cotton tent, 20-person military tent (cotton belt gauze fence), individual soldier tent, aluminum alloy camp bed, catering restaurant combined cotton tent, military Account (10x5m), 81-type class single account,

    Cotton tents for row use, disaster relief tents (12 square meters), cotton tents for class 93, police tents, public security tents, etc.

    Outdoor Folding Gazebo Factory civil account: waterproof account, 12 person account, account bracket, field account, structure account (20 people), camping account (speed support), digital camouflage travel account, digital camouflage coat-style sleeping bag, bathing account (shower) , 10 people account, single-person automatic inflatable moisture-proof cushion (automatically inflatable with pillow).