The History Of Beach Folding Chairs

  •   It is important to learn about the past in order to make improvements for the future, so let’s go back in time and explore the many muses pulled from when creating the optimal beach chair…

      The 1920s saw beach chairs made of wood with canvas backings and a roof of sorts to prevent sunburns. Bright oranges and olive greens clash together and reveal that, perhaps, drawing the eye to one’s self on the beach was the most important task during visits to the ocean in the early 1900s.

      Beach chairs of the 1950s became more compact and transportable - easier to fit in the trunk of the car. The chairs lost their footrests and armrests, but maintained their vibrant patterns, wooden structures, and canvas backings seen in the early 1900s.

      In the 1970s, Folding Chair Wholesale | Zero Gravity Chair Manufacturers dropped closer to the ground and regained their armrests.

      However, the structures were more commonly made of aluminum and the backing transitioned from canvas to webbing (often woven in a T-formation so as to increase durability). The chair remained easily foldable and transportable - two essentials for the beach chair scene during the mid-to-late 1900s.

      The 1990s saw a reversion to the 1920s-style beach chairs: they regained their footrests and severely vibrant colors. However, instead of wood and canvas, they were made of aluminum and polyester - similar to the more recent beach chairs of the 1970s and 1980s.

      A modern chair for the modern person. While its design is unique and innovative, it pulls inspiration from the 1950s with a canvas backing while also drawing on the chairs from the 1970s sitting low to the ground.

      Decades of beach chairs evolved in order to arrive at the optimal beach chair of the 21st century. We designed with the past in mind, but also with an eye on the future. We added phone slots, backpack straps, and towel pockets that would diminish the hassle and increase your time spent on the beach.

      What are you waiting for? Go explore our many chair options and learn more about our story and our commitment to your comfort on the beach and in your home.

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