Stacking Versus Folding Chairs – Which Is Right For You?

  •   Chairs and event seating that is either stacking or that folds for storage purposes. Pretty obvious which one is better, right? Well, that is (as these topics so often are) up to what you’re looking for in your seating. Function? Style? Easy use? Arriving at the right choice for you is going to take some doing. Might as well get comfortable, as this blog is going to HELP YOU OUT!

      #1 – Storage Wars

      As can be gathered by looking at the categories of chairs, both have a disparate style of storage. Stacking chairs are solid and nest into one another, in stacks that are recommended for no more than 6 high (this is to minimize damage to themselves and other objects should they be knocked over). While this does save on some space, the amount saved is not nearly so much as you get back with Folding Chair Wholesale | Zero Gravity Chair Manufacturers. Folding to a completely flap position, small tabs and grooves on the folding chairs help maintain structural security while chairs are stacked upwards of 30 to 60 chairs (depending on chair type).

      #2 – Usage

      Ok, ok; this one is pretty straight forward. You sit in them, obviously. Folding chairs have an extra step where you unfold them first, though this will only really affect the set-up crew as opposed to your guests.

      The main difference in chair use is going to be stability. Stacking chairs tend to have more strength and are less wobbly because the pieces that make up the chairs aren’t made to move or pivot. Each stacking chair has either an internal metal framework for added support, or metal legs attached directly to the chair base. This provides stable (if bulky) support. Folding chairs, regardless of the amount of support work built into the frame, will always have a little bit more “give” in the feel thanks to all of the moving parts.

      #3 – Prettiest at the Ball

      The various stacking chairs available here on our website cover a wide range of styles, from the classical to more modern . You could even reach a third, more playful area of design. Enough styles and colors to apply to pretty much any event.

      Functionality is what tends to drive much of a folding chair’s look. The chair back was updated to give a little more aesthetic appeal to the seat, while still maintaining the easy functionality of the folding design . Because folding chairs are meant for economical bulk seating, they are only offered in two colors that are fairly universal – white and black.

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