The Pros And Cons Of Metal Sofa Bed

  •   Prefer to not have a whole room dedicated to a spare bed? A sleeper sofa might be the perfect answer. While it isn’t going to be quite as comfortable as an actual metal sofa bed wholesales (it doesn’t have the same supportive springs underneath), it can still provide a great night’s sleep if you buy the right one. The main thing to know is that shopping for a sleeper sofa is more than just picking the right style. There are also several different types of mattresses and configurations that affect sleeping comfort, sitting surface, and space planning.

      The most important thing to look for when shopping for a sleeper sofa is good quality construction. You’re buying a piece of furniture that includes a mechanism and, as we all know, anything that involves moving parts has the potential to fail. For a quality piece, buy from a manufacturer that uses best practices in their furniture construction. Solid frames, well-made cushions, and top-of-the-line suspensions in sofas and chairs are an indication that their sleepers will be of equally good quality.

      Hint: Sofa manufacturers don’t make their own sleeper mechanisms. As a result, different manufacturers often have the same mattress and mechanisms.

      Now, let’s talk about the main types of sleeper sofas and some tips on figuring out which kind is best for you.


      When you think of a sleeper sofa, this is most likely what comes to mind. A thin innerspring mattress folds up like a letter inside the sofa. The mattress is supported by thick canvas-like fabric that’s secured with springs on the sides. You’ll want to make sure the mattress is at least 5-inches thick . The seating surface is on top of the mattress, so it doesn’t have the supportive suspension that you would find in a well-made non-sleeper sofa, resulting in a seating surface that is rather hard. For more comfortable seating, choose optional seat cushion fill of innersprings wrapped in fiber or down.

      Pros: Cons:

      Widely available and easy to find When sleeping, you may be able to feel bars under the mattress

      Almost infinite sofa styles from which to choose Lacks the supportive suspension found in non-sleeper sofas (on sofas of lesser quality, seating surface may eventually sag)

      Optional seat cushion fill is available for those who prefer softer seating

      Less expensive than other types

      Available in twin through king sizes .

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