Some My Favourite Zero Gravity Chairs

  •   For the term “zero gravity”, most people would probably conjure images of floating weightlessly in space (give or take a few aliens). Now take that feeling and imagine you are sitting in a chair on Earth. zero gravity chair manufacturers make users feel like astronauts because of the steep reclining angle and s-shaped back that is designed to exert minimal pressure on the body.

      These chairs are therefore perfect for those who want to kick their feet back on a Sunday afternoon instead of getting backstabbed by a cheap plastic lawn chair. The greatly reduced pressure on the body is also ideal for those with lower back pain who need to recline in a comfortable and ergonomic position when taking breaks from standing. Indeed, the zero gravity concept is similar to that used by the zero-gravity treadmill, which helps injured athletes recuperate and exercise without putting too much stress on their lower limbs.

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      In this guide I review the top 5 best zero gravity reclining chairs currently out there in the market. Five important factors are taken into consideration- durability, ease of reclining, whether the material can withstand the weather (for outdoors), ergonomics, and finally, the cost. Each of these chairs are the best in at least one, if not multiple of these categories depending on your needs. Lets go zero gravity!

      Available in earth and camouflage colours, the zero gravity chair is extremely well built, and perfect for the outdoorsman who needs that break in between setting up camp. This chair is also great for those who want to relax in their backyard or chill with their buddies around the grill.

      Enjoy all of nature’s wonderful amenities – the glorious landscape, the refreshing breeze, the warm sunshine – all while reclining in an ergonomically designed chair that will make you feel like you’re on a cloud. The fully padded durable polyester foam seat comes with a removable headrest that allows for a comfortable sit.

      The sturdy steel tube chair frame (with wooden armrests to help cool your arms) is supported by a flexible bungee suspension system, further reducing the force of gravity on your spine that can otherwise exacerbate the back pain you may feel when standing or working.

      The chair can be locked in reclining mode to maintain a laid-back zero gravity position, and side cup holder for a drink of your choice means that you can spend an afternoon (or a day, we’re not judging) recovering on the ergonomic S-shaped frame that mimics the natural shape of your back.

      For the pool, patio, or beach where the temperature is usually hot, a sturdy reclining chair that can weather the climate is important. Look for a chair covered with a mesh material for good heat dissipation. The Pool Chair uses a special Duramesh material that’s not only breathable, but dries quickly in the event of rain or repeat visits from the pool. It’s also very durable and easy to clean.

      The Chair zero gravity chair also sports ergonomically curved armrests and a side cup holder. The cup holder retracts and slides underneath the chair when not in use, preventing any unwanted accidents from happening.

      One of my favorite features of the Pool Chair is the innovative headrest that moves up and down along rails to meet your head perfectly. It can even be moved all the way down to provide lumbar support for your back. It’s brilliant.

      Another major advantage of the Zero Gravity Pool Chair is that it can tilt back all the way to an almost fully reclined position. Taking everything into account, this is probably the best zero gravity chair you’ll find for relaxing on the beach, pool, or patio without worrying about the weather ruining the chair.

      While the previous two chairs were designed for outdoor or backyard use, this zero gravity chair makes for the perfect indoor recliner. The elegantly shaped frame covered with bonded leather looks like a lawn chair for jet setters. Both the headrest and backrest are padded with memory foam, a quality material that contours to your body while also affording great padding.

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