The Innovative Design Of The Portable Folding Bed

  •  portable folding bed are also famously known as Murphy beds or stowaway beds.

      As the name suggests, this is a bed designed to fold into and out of a wall.

      The innovative design of the bed makes this possible.

      The bed is hinged onto the wall on one of its sides.

      When needed, you simply have to pull the bed down from the wall.

      When not in use, the bed can be pushed back up into the wall and out of the way.

      Murphy beds are useful in many different scenarios.

      Benefits of a Murphy/wall bed

      Space saver

      Stowaway beds are incredible space savers.

      By folding the bed into the wall, floor space is freed up.

      Your room/ apartment looks and feels less cluttered and you get to enjoy the extra space.


      Compared to regular beds, Murphy beds are priced much better.

      They are more affordable. As such, they are a go-to product if you are on a budget.


      A fold-out bed is not different from a conventional bed when it concerns sturdiness. It is better.

      The bed is designed with a spring base that can support a wide range of mattresses.

      The base is strong enough to support your body.

      This bed combined with a good mattress creates the perfect sleeping spot.

      But just in case you need extra comfort it would not hurt to add a quality mattress topper.

      Dangers of a wall/murphy bed

      Murphy beds are wonderful products.

      They are affordable, comfortable, and most importantly allow you to properly utilize small living spaces.

      Regardless, they do however pose in small danger.

      If not properly installed, they can snap back into the wall without notice.

      So many cases have been reported of murphy beds closing-in on their users while they were still on them.

      You must ensure that the bed is properly fitted and that no bolts or springs have been wound too tight.

      If you do not understand how to fit everything together, get a professional to assist you.

      Varieties of fold-out beds

      Fold-out beds are created for small spaces.

      They are designed in a way that makes it possible to remove them out of people’s way and free up space.

      They come in various designs.

      Some can be rolled away, stowed away, or even pushed into the wall.

      This section looks at these various designs.

      Rollaway bed

      Rollaway beds are very common in hotels.

      As suggested by their name, these are beds that can be rolled away.

      Their design is very simple.

      The bed frame is a collapsible metallic structure that can be folded halfway.

      Caster wheels are then attached to the frame.

      So, whenever you do not need the bed, you only need to fold it in half and roll it off into a closet.

      The simple and innovative design makes this particular bed a great product for anyone living in a small apartment or who entertains a lot of sleepover guests.

      It is light, affordable, foldable, and has caster wheels that make moving it in and out of a storage closet quite easy.

      Most rollaway beds will come with portable mattresses.

      If the mattress does not meet your preferences, you can always acquire one that does.

      Just like this individual, stowaway beds are designed to be discrete and not to take up a lot of space in your apartment.

      The beds are hinged onto walls.

      When not in use, they are pushed into the wall and out of the way, freeing up floor space.

      Such a bed is very useful for anyone living in small apartments, cramped rooms, or for a person who just needs more living space.

      When compared with conventional beds, stowaway beds have more advantages.

      Apart from the fact that they are just as comfortable as any regular bed, they can be kept out of sight.

      Regular beds take up a lot of floor space. This can never be changed.

      Irrespective of where in the room you place the bed, it still takes up space.

      Stowaway beds, however, stay tucked into a wall until needed.

      There is an alternative to the stowaway bed. Its name is the sofa bed.

      This is a bed concealed within a couch.

      The only problem with it is that it is not necessarily the most comfortable surface to sleep on and not easy to make up.