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    Leisure chairs are undoubtedly a relatively common piece of furniture and are very popular, because the leisure chairs of folding sofa bed suppliers are suitable for various places, whether it is a home, office, or public place, you can see the figure of the leisure chair. Of course, there will be some problems with lounge chairs that are used for a long time, such as the color of the lounge chair will fade or be damaged. This requires us to maintain and maintain the lounge chair, so as to prolong the service life of the lounge chair. So how to maintain and maintain the leisure chair?

    First of all, pay attention to the environmental protection requirements of leisure chairs. Leisure chairs require a certain temperature and humidity in the room during use. For newly purchased recliners, it is recommended to maintain a certain amount of ventilation in the room. In addition, indoor reclining chairs should be protected from direct sunlight to avoid discoloration of the furniture surface or cracking and deformation of the furniture. If an air conditioner is used indoors, the relative humidity in the room should be maintained at around 60%. If conditions permit, some flowers and plants or ornamental fish can be planted indoors, and the indoor humidity should be appropriately increased.

    Secondly, pay attention to the regular maintenance of leisure chairs. The surface of the leisure chair produced by some leisure chair manufacturers has a paint film coating, which not only plays the role of decorating and beautifying the surface of the furniture, but also protects the surface of the furniture. Therefore, the paint film on the surface of the furniture should be polished and cleaned regularly, and it is recommended to do it every three months. First, use a damp towel to wipe off the dust and dirt on the surface of the furniture. After the surface of the furniture is slightly dry, gently wipe the surface of the furniture with furniture wax or liquid wax for polishing.

    Here are some common maintenance methods for leisure chairs, such as wooden leisure chairs, leather leisure chairs, and plastic leisure chairs. For plastic lounge chairs, cleaning agents can be used for care and maintenance. When we use chairs at home, we often get oil stains on the chairs. If it is a plastic chair, it is not easy to clean the oil stains with water. It can be washed again with detergent, and then washed with water, the effect is better.

    For wooden lounge chairs, water and paint are good helpers. Cleaning recliners with cleaners is generally not recommended, as the cleaner can get into the wood once it comes into contact with the wood object. When we sit on it, there is usually a sticky feeling, if there is water on it, the cleaning agent in it will combine with the water, and soap bubbles will beach chair manufacturers emerge from the wooden surface. We want to clean it, but it will stain it. For some stains that cannot be cleaned, we can apply a layer of paint on the surface of the stain to make it more beautiful after cleaning.